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Queerforum - what's that?

Queer? Hey, what does that mean? Funny, surprising, unexpected, remarkable? Maybe a little bit of everything: "queer" also means gay - the Queerforum is the lesbigay committee of the German youth organisation "SJD – Die Falken". Since 1997 the Queerforum fights for issues related to lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people (human beings who feel to be of opposite sex rather than their body suggests) within the organisation. "Hetes" (heterosexuals: human beings who are attracted to opposite sex) are included into our educational work. Moreover, the Queerforum strives to support young comrades in finding their sexual identities and provides information and help during one’s coming-out.

Why going public?

Still, other lifestyles than heterosexuality are discriminated against in our societies. One third of all juvenile suicides derive from coming-out anxiety. Neo-nazis don't "just" persecute foreigners, lefties or homeless people, but also molest lesbians and gays. This would actually be enough reason to unite and engage in active work against those threats. But there is also a fair amount of trouble in everyday life, sometimes even among the Falcon movement. Due to prevailing "coerced heterosexuality" youngsters are excluded or their coming-out is hampered. Sexual education, AIDS prevention and so on usually assume you're heterosexual. Or do you know any youth organisation gathering where you can get condoms and lubricants? On the contrary! Who, among youth, asks his male friend about a probable boyfriend? In important areas like recognition and legalisation of homosexual way of life and youth work for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender the Falken want to strengthen their profile and actively take their role in political discourse. Considering the fact that the German anti-discrimination law still consists of no more than a vague draft framework, we socialists must face stiff opposition by religious and conservative groups.

Activities of the Queerforum

The Queerforum meets Germany-wide for seminars, compiles brochures, flyers and manuals for Falcon group meetings to focus more on lesbigay issues. By actively participating in lesbigay happenings like Gay Prides, parades at Christopher-Street-Day and other events the Queerforum presents itself to a broad public.In co-operation with our international partner organisations in the IUSY and IFM-SEI we have established an International Queerforum in 1999. At least once a year we meet for an International Queereaster Seminar (http://www.queereaster.net ); during the year activities and friendships are coordinated and maintained by an international mailing list.
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